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By now, 25 per cent of all internet users are surfing in the net with mobile end-devices. What a few years ago was still a “nice” service for the users of one’s own website, is now a “must have” for almost every homepage.

Is your website optimised for mobile use yet? No? Well you’re at just the right place then.

The general visual appearance of a mobile internet site resembles an appropriately-reduced version of the full-scale website. Because the smartphone hardware is comparatively weak, conception and programming of mobile pages present particular requirements. From the first idea, via creative design inception, through to the fully programmed implementation, we are very happy to accompany you on the path to your individual mobile-optimised website.

Mobile Web Sites

Mobile sites need to be designed from the ground up to serve the mobile user's need. We develop content managed sites for our customers that also work on mobiles and tablets using responsive design techniques.

Mobile Applications

With a business app, your business or institution has a digital brochure that is always present and visible on your client’s smartphone; a device the client consults several times a day and which is becoming increasingly more important in communications.

Achieve Your Goals

Whatever your goals are, Webzonex has a solution available for you. Incorporating email creation, social sharing and marketing will give you an all-round, extensive strategy that allows you to reach and impact thousands of customers every day.

Making and using a marketing strategy has a strong positive impact on profitability and this is what Webzonex believes in, helping you achieve your set goals.

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